Renold Syno PB Chain

For more heavy-duty applications, the Renold Syno range takes on the serious business of wear and fatigue resistance through the addition of a polymer sleeve between the pin and bush.

This highly durable and wear resistant polymer – specifically developed for Renold – removes metal-on-metal wear in this key area of the chain. Available in 28B – 40B and ANSI 120 to 200 and ideal for applications where it is not possible or not advisable to lubricate a chain, Renold Syno PB chain can be considered for:

  • Outdoor or wash down environments
  • Car assembly plants or steel mills
  • Environments where lubrication may contaminate products
  • Forestry, saw mills or paper mills
  • Environments where lubrication may cause contaminants to stick to the chain and possibly get into bearing areas, seizing up the chain
  • Textile plants
  • Mixers

With a corrosion resistant surface treatment adding to the variety of applications it can cope with, Renold Syno PB chain is a truly versatile product.

Key Features

  • Sizes from 28B to 40B and from ANSI 120 to 200
  • Revolutionary polymer bush
  • Superior corrosion resistance surface treatment
  • Ideal for outdoor environments
  • Attachments available
  • Polymer roller available on request

Technical Details

Download Technical Details for Renold Syno PB

Syno -pb -label