Specialty Chain

Renold supplies a range of specialty chain for various industries. If you cannot find the product you require, please call us on (800) 265-9970. We are sure to have the chain for the job!

Book Binding Chains have a special #40 attachment used for saddle-binding books, magazines, or other types of printed materials. The chain is also utilized during the stitching, trimming and inserting processes in many print shops. Plastic or aluminum parts are inserted into the chain's square attachment holes. The spacing of these inserts determines book size. Our Book Binding chains feature solid bushings and rollers for maximum strength and wear life. Chains are available from stock in carbon steel and are sometimes supplied with nickel plated "tents" or as an entire nickel plated chain.

Hollow Pin Chain from Renold offers the most complete line of Hollow Pin chain products available to help solve a wide variety of challenging conveying problems. Our standard carbon steel chains, MSL, MSLII, and Hydro-Service chains all feature cold forged solid hollow pins. The result is superior wear resistance as a result of a seamless operation. Our popular stainless steel chains offer reliable service in a variety of applications which require corrosion and heat resistance.

Laminated "1" Pitch Block Chains are used in a variety of lightly loaded tension linkage or drive applications. These chains are available in carbon steel or 304 stainless steel.

Rollerless Chains possess the same strength and working load values as standard ANSI series chains These chains are designed for tension linkage applications such as lifts or hoists and are usually supplied in odd numbers of pitches with a connecting link (drive fit recommended) at each end. Offset links are not recommended for hoist applications. The numbering system for rollerless chain is similar to standard ANSI chains with the substitution of a 5 for the 0 at the end. These chains should be operated on special sprockets.

Sidebow Chains are produced with additional clearances to allow for a specified amount of sidebow and twist for operations around a curve. These chains are widely used for "live roll" conveyors with attachment or cross slats to convey material around a curve. For identification the suffix "SB" is added to the ANSI chain number (example 40SB)

Stainless Steel Miniature Chains come in size 11SS and are well suited for light duty applications in a wide variety of business machines (copiers, printers, vending machines, etc.) The chains are rollerless with bushings riveted in place and are made entirely of 304 Stainless Steel for corrosion and temperature resistance.

Sticker Chains are widely used in poultry processing plants and on packaging equipment and machines.

Straight Sidebar Roller Chains are identical to the ANSI standard series except that the link plates (i.e. sidebars) are "flat" rather than "figure 8" shaped. These chains weigh slightly more than standard roller chains and do offer slightly increased fatigue strength. However, their main usage is for conveyor applications where a flat side plate is desirable. The suffix "F" is used for identification of Straight Sidebar chains.

Top Roller Chains are produced with the rollers mounted on the top of the chain for accumulation "live roller" conveyor. The top rollers are generally, but not always, provided on every pitch and may be carbon steel, stainless steel or low friction plastic.

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