About Us

Renold has an unsurpassed reputation for innovation, design and manufacturing skill.

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Our ranges of industrial chaingearboxes and couplings are specified for use in power transmission, lifting, conveying and processing applications around the world. 

Tackling thousands of demanding operating environments, Renold has a track record of success and innovation offering many unique products and services.

With operations in almost 20 countries, and an international network of distribution partners, you can depend on Renold to provide specific solutions to customer's unique problems, with unrivalled local support.

Whether you need the performance of the World's best transmission chain or customised drive systems using class-leading couplings and gearbox designs, Renold is the name you can trust for power transmission performance.

Renold Canada Ltd. is a company registered in Canada with company number 104476130 RC

Registered Office:

622 rue De Hull