Cement and Aggregates

Solutions for Cement Mills

For over than 130 years, Renold Jeffrey has led the cement and aggregate industry needs with long-lasting, high-performance chains.

Our experienced engineers understand your requirements. Our manufacturing operations deliver quickly. Our customer service team is ready to handle your specifications, quote and order.

Bucket Elevator Chain SnippetWelded Steel Drag Chain Snippet

                  Bucket Elevator Chain                                Welded Steel Drag Chain

Reclaimer Chains SnippetApron Pan Conveyor Chain Snippet

                    Reclaimer Chains                                   Apron/Pan Conveyor ChainsHeavy Duty Sprockets Traction Wheels SnippetRoller Chain Snippet

  Heavy-Duty Sprockets and Traction Wheels                  Roller Chains

Drive Chain Snippet

                 Drive Chains