Renold Couplings’ new RBI coupling offers a general purpose, cost effective range, which is manufactured in SG iron for torques up to 60 kN.m.  


  • Rubber processing and plastics industry
  • Fluid transmission industry
  • Material handling
  • Crane and hoists
  • Metal manufacture
  • Bulk handling
  • Pulp and paper industry
  • General purpose industrial applications

Features & Benefits:

Intrinsically fail-safe, ensuring continuous operation of the driveline in the unlikely event of rubber damage.

Rubber elements designed with optimum stiffness, achieving low vibratory loads in the driveline and controlling resonant torsional vibration.

No lubrication or adjustment required, resulting in low maintenance costs.

Avoiding failure of the driveline under short circuit and other transient conditions.

Misalignment capability, allowing axial and radial misalignment between the driving and driven machines

Pre-compressed rubber elements, eliminating torque amplifications

Rubber elements enclosed in the coupling provide severe shock load protection

Construction details:

  • Spheroidal graphite to BS EN 1563:2011 Grade 400-15
  • Pre-compressed rubber elements with a standard SM80 shore hardness

Bespoke Services:

The RBI coupling can be adapted to meet customer requirements, as can be seen from some of the design variations shown below. Our team are supported by substantial facilities to enable ongoing testing and development. For more information or to discuss your requirements, please contact Renold Couplings. 


RBI Bespoke Services